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Strawberry Festival Information on page 10

Children's Summer Theater 2014

Happily Never After and other fractured fairy tales

9 day program begins June 17th-27th  9am-12noon Cost $75
OR Week one or Week two only Cost $50

All Rehearsals and performances are at the South Bay Grange
3918 Sleater-Kinney Rd NE, Olympia, WA

Performances At the South Bay Grange Free (Donations welcome)
Week one at the Strawberry Festival on June 21st 1pm
Whole program or second week only performance

Friday June 27 10am, 11am & 6pm

Ages 7-16

Register on the website registration page.

Plays and musical numbers for all ages and skill levels. We will find a way for everyone to shine! 

  • Participation encouraged in the Strawberry Festival at the South Bay Grange Saturday June 21st. Our fundraiser!!!!
  • Financial aid available upon request or with parent involvement. There are other ways to offset tuition. ex. Selling ads for the program, finding vendors for the Strawberry Festival, Volunteering at the Festival, helping during rehearsals. 
  • Email with further questions.  
  • Before and after supervision available upon request with an additional cost.
  • Teenage internships available and service hours.

Cancelled with Regrets
Summer Children's Theater 2014
Week long drama camp July 14th-18th

Ages 7-16 South Bay Grange 9am-12:30pm
Cost $75. Financial aid availble.
 See note above on how to offset tuition.
A collection of short plays and musical numbers.
Performances July 18th 11am & 6pm
(donations welcome)

We thank all the friends and families
 that make each and every performance special for many children and adults alike.
We look forward to seeing you in the near future in our upcoming musical endeavors.

Please support us through ads in our programs or become a sponsor of our summer production. Last year 1200 children came to see the matinee show as a cultural field-trip thanks in part to donations made to our production company.

Strawberry Festival at the South Bay Grange
June 21st Saturday noon-6pm
Please come and support our fundraiser!