​Bretschneider and  Kirkwood

Musical Productions & Events

Performances Aug 10-11
Four Matinees and two evenings
Timberline High School Theater 
6120 Mullen Road SE, Lacey, WA 98503

Casting and Director Valerie Kirkwood

Producer  Elizabeth Bretschneider

Music Director Steve Danielson

Vocal Coach  Katherine Berndt

Choreographer Anna Stacey

Sound Tech Jaimee Hill

Waltz Jill Pelton

Stage Manager Veronica Emmerson

Costumer Corynn Carignan

Ages 8-18 Everyone gets to participate.

Tuition $285. Financial aid and work-for-tuition available.​​

Cast limit of 60 students.

Lots of parent help is needed; if you cannot volunteer please make a $40 donation.

Contact Elizabeth for payment arrangements. Elizabeth@bkmusicalproductions.com

Summer Camp 2017

Children's Musial Theater 


Beauty and


Rehearsals July 17-Aug 9

South Bay Grange

3918 Sleater-Kinney Rd NE

 Olympia, WA  98516

(Auditions will be going on simultaneously during the first week of rehearsals, while we learn the music. Everyone is included. You only need to audition if you want a lead role.)

8:30am-12:30pm Weekdays

Note: Please let us know of family vacations and youth camp commitments. We will work around them. A rehearsal schedule will be posted. Actors only need to be present when we are working their scenes, but they are welcome the whole rehearsal.